So, yeah. As I whined about in the last post, with Wani now being officially translated at Fakku, it has become increasingly hard (near impossible) to find enough flat-chest content to keep this site going on a regular basis. The site will continue to be as flat-focused as it can possibly be, but we will now occasionally have releases (like this one) with girls that have large/r breasts. I’d prefer not to shut down this site or go several months with no content, so I think this is the best option. Our non-flat content will be tagged as such. That said, if you know of any high-quality untranslated works involving larger breasted girls, feel free to post it up on the requests page.

And now, bring on the hot lips!


[Bubuzuke] After School Drops (COMIC Koh Vol.3) [English] [Flatopia]

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