And… we’re back! Kinda, sorta.

It’s been almost one year since our last release, so this is making it out just in time before that gloomy milestone.

That being said, we’re looking to rename the site sometime since limiting our releases to DFC girls only really isn’t possible anymore with no WANI material to do. Instead, we’ll be looking to work on whatever has the right art, story, or characters that strikes our fancy. Have an interesting name suggestion for us? Feel free to leave a comment!

Our next release shouldn’t take nearly as long as this one. We currently have two NieR: Automata doujins that we’ll be working on in the near future. One looks to be a comedy-based SFW story, and the second one is good ol’ smut. Beyond that, we have some potential projects picked out. As of this post, the Translations Request page has been cleared out. If you think you have know of a diamond in the rough that’s been neglected and is deserving of scanlation, check it out!

[Yaya Hinata] If the World Were to End Tomorrow (COMIC ExE 06) [English] [Flatopia]
Download: Mega | Flatopia | Exhentai

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