This page is for you to link material that you would like to suggest we scanlate. We’re very picky with what we work on though, so be sure to check out the guidelines below before you make a suggestion!


The best place to look for doujins is:
It is also possible to use, but some taggers are overzealous and doujins may be available only through ExHentai.

Here are instructions on how to get into exhentai / get past the sadpanda.
1. Clear your cache/cookies.
2. Go to and make an account. Click on ‘My Home’ and then register. Verify if you need to.
3. Log in if it doesn’t automatically do it.
4. Go to exhentai.
5. You should now be able to browse exhentai.

If this does not work for you, there are plugins for both Chrome and Firefox that you can try.

Here are some general guidelines for the kind of stuff we like to work on.

  • Consensual sex. Cheating/NTR is a no-go.
  • Absolutely no scat/vore/beastiality/anything gross.
  • More than one girl is fine. More than one guy is not.
  • Nothing excessively loli. Think of Mikan from To-love Ru as the limit.
  • The publishing company MUST NOT BE WANI. This means no Kairakuten / Kairakuten BEAST / X-Eros / Shitsurakuten.
  • Original stories are preferred over parody / something based from an anime or manga.
  • Quality scans with 2000x pixel height minimum are highly preferred.

So there you have it. Request away!